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B-grade and Seconds Enamel Pins


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: Xintu

: Enamel Pin

Please read before purchasing.

Xintu carefully inspect every pin before we package and categorise it depending on its flaws.

The pins in this listing are B-grade and Seconds pins.

• Standard pins are what we consider to be top-notch products, no imperfections. If you're an avid collector and concerned about quality, the standard pins would be recommended.

• B-grade pins are slightly lower in terms of quality. The imperfections on these are very slight and often only visible at certain angles. Flaws include light surface scratches and tiny unfilled areas of enamel.

• Seconds pins are the unfortunate bunch that haven't quite made the cut. The imperfections on these are more noticeable and include larger unfilled areas of enamel, deeper scratches and misaligned enamel.

Pin specifications

  • Rose gold plated, gold plated or black plated hard enamel pins
  • Features one or two butterfly clutch metal/black rubber backings (depending on size)
  • Screenprinted details (depending on design)
  • Xintu logo embossed on back for authenticity (exception of Muffin pin design)
  • Secured on a backing card and sealed in a protective sleeve


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